Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bean Dehydrator

My bean harvest is going well. As expected, the weather has turned rainy and humid, so I am glad I built the dehydrator to dry my beans in. I add beans to it every few days and remove and shell the beans that have dried out.

On the bottom layer, I have beans that I have shelled. I leave them there for a week before putting them into to storage to make sure they are completely dried out. I don't want moldy beans!

On the next four layers I have bean pods laid out so that they do not touch. So far, I haven't used all six layers except when I had a layer of thyme from the garden club at school. For now, I have been inverting the final layer so that the screen is up and I lay the fan on it.

Each weekend, I rotate the dried beans out and replace them with fresh pods that have grown large enough to add to the dehydrator. That's what I have in store for me on this rainy Saturday.


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