Saturday, February 21, 2015

First seedlings emerge!

After one week's wait, a few seeds came up today. Since this is my first time using my greenhouse in February, (I didn't have it until late April of last year), I am pretty excited. Emerging from the soil are two tiny cosmos seedlings and one artichoke seedling.

Two tiny cosmos seedlings peeked out today (foreground and right background).
I almost missed the artichoke beginning to poke out from the soil.
An update on the frozen peat moss: it spread out just fine today, now that it has had a chance to thaw. There is still one small clump from the middle of the giant, half-bag chunk that wasn't quite ready to break apart.

I also bought a new rhubarb plant (gallon-sized) from True Value in Duvall (they have a great nursery) for $7.99. Much better than Territorial Seed's price, which was double. I planted it today. Its roots will be happy to spread--they were bunched pretty tightly.

My husband requested that I plant sunflowers in memory of his brother, who used to grow sunflowers as tall as he could. We bought some Mongolian Giant from Territorial, and I planted them today in the greenhouse. I know you're supposed to direct sow them, but mine always get eaten by the birds. They are supposed to get 15 feet tall, and the flowers are 18 inches. Even if they reach half that size, they'll be pretty cool.

We have work to do on the patio tomorrow (pouring a section of concrete slab for the pizza oven), so I may not get to plant my tomatoes until next weekend.

I'll keep you posted!

NG Gardener

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