Monday, February 23, 2015

Broccoli and Kale

Just a quick update on the greenhouse progress. Eight days after planting, my broccoli and kale are up. The greenhouse has been reaching the 80s most days and cooling off to 40 or so at night. We've had frost the last three nights, so I am sure the heater has been kicking in at 35 degrees. We picked the sunniest spot we could find in the backyard for the greenhouse. It only gets sun from about 9:00 until 3:00 at best right now. Anyway, a few more cosmos poke their heads up every day but still only one artichoke.

I moved the onions left over from last year yesterday so that John could till manure into one last bed. The garden took a side seat to the concrete pour for the pizza oven this past weekend.

We added colorant to the water before adding the bags of Readimix to the concrete mixer. The pizza oven will go in the area next to the stairs. Our plan is to do different squares of eight by eight-foot concrete in different colors (browns, blues, greens, etc.) and also stain each with acid. We'll eventually cover the whole patio that way. The path from the deck to the garden gate will wind through the patio in green concrete.

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