Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rainy days

I am not sure what to expect for humidity inside my greenhouse when it's raining outside. Sunday, it rained so hard we set a record. The humidity was 91% in the greenhouse. Yesterday, there was a lot of condensation on the ceiling and it was 85% humidity even though it didn't rain. My husband turned the fan on. Today, even though it was raining, the humidity was 78%. The plants are getting bigger, so perhaps they are using some of the moisture in the air for growing. Anyway, I was pleased with today's percentage.

The zinnias are up already! I am excited because these are from seeds I save last fall. I have never done this with flowers before (only winter squash). Also, more tomatoes are up, this time Black Plum and Cherokee Purple. Meanwhile, my goji berry plant arrived in the mail, and my potatoes and onions are due tomorrow.

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